Dissertation based project - Music discovery/social platform app - Play

This project was based around my final year dissertation at university, which focussed on how designers have adapted to changes throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and how it affected design, one of the impacts was changing technology. I felt modern music consumption didn't have the same experience that it used to. To combat this I created a music streaming app that brings a greater experience to music. Users can get more information instantly about an album, and also be more social when it comes to music, allowing for groups of friends to listen together and chat . Music discovery is also a key feature, the app allows a user to view only an album cover to swipe left or right if they like it or not, bringing back the tradition of being in a record shop and buying an album through impulse because you like the cover, along with other unique music discovery options.Branding and Brand activation was also a key part of this project. In person Advertising promoted the stand out features with short and direct copy. The brand colours also expand using a secondary colour as the background.